The Thesis Archive (Archivio Tesi) is housed at the Management Office of the University Library Service, which preserves and catalogues master's degree and doctoral theses defended at the University of Milan and makes them available to the public.
The thesis catalog is available online, within Minerva.
Access to the Thesis Archive, located in via Santa Sofia 9, is by appointment only. For information email to

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Consult degree theses

The Thesis Archive stores all the degree's theses under the old University system, master's degree theses (new University system) and those of the postgraduate specialization programmes.

You can browse the catalogue online through Minerva. 

Consultation is subject to the will expressed by the author, who, as the owner of the moral and patrimonial rights, is entitled to select one of the following options, in agreement with his/her supervisor:

  • available
  • not available
  • available after the embargo period

The full-text of the native digital theses is accessible from Minerva, through the integrated viewer and after logging in. 

The theses in physical format (on paper or microfiche) can be consulted in the thesis archive rooms, after entering the consultation request from Minerva. 

Users not registered in Minerva must contact the thesis archive ( to obtain access to the resources. 

Home lending is not permitted and the thesis must not be reproduced in any way whatsoever. Only the author, on presentation of an identity document, can request a copy of his/her own thesis.

Submit your master's degree thesis

You are required to submit a copy of your master's degree thesis (second cycle or single cycle degrees) in accordance with the procedures and deadlines established by each individual Student Administration Office (further information on this page,in Italian). The Thesis will remain in the University records.

Consult doctoral theses

The Thesis Archive stores all the doctoral theses defended at the University of Milan starting from academic year 1990/91. Up to 31 December 2010 the theses are stored in analogue format (printed or microfiche); from 1 January 2011 are stored in digital format only. Consultation methods vary according to the storage format:

Theses in analogue format
They are included in Minerva.
Theses can be consulted by appointment only in the Thesis Archive, located in the University Library Service Management Office. For information email to

Home lending not permitted and the work must not be reproduced in any way whatsoever.

Theses in digital format
The catalogue can be accessed through AIR Archivio Istituzionale della Ricerca, the institutional repository of the University, and contains, besides the catalogue record details, also the full text version of the thesis.
Therefore consultation is online through AIR.
Because not all theses can be consulted, you should carefully note the symbol next to the link to the full text of each thesis.