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Videos of the Library Service

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Biblio&me - Videos of the University libraries

A series of short videos about the online services of the catalogue, produced in collaboration with the CTU (University Centre for e-Learning and Multimedia Production). These feature University students, who will show you how quick and easy it is to check your reader status, use your smartphone to check if a book is in the library and renew items on loan.

Biblio&me 1 - Check your reader status

Do you know when and where to return the books you have borrowed from the University libraries?
In this video, Mariangela and Francesco show you how.
View your reader status at any time to see all the books you have borrowed from University libraries and check their due dates. Just access My Library Account in ??the Catalogue or use the Bibliounimi App.

This video features two of our students, Mariangela De Luca and Francesco Pagani.

Biblio&me 2 - Use the barcode to find the books you need

Too many books to buy? Find them in the library!
In this video, find out how you can use the Bibliounimi App to check if the the library has book you need: just frame the book's barcode and click on 'Richiesta di prestito' ('Request on loan').


This video features two of our students, Francesco Pagani and Monica Slongo.

Biblio&me 3 - Renew items on loan

No more overdue items! Monica and Yuri show you how to renew your books using the Bibliounimi App or My Library Account in ??the Catalogue. You can renew books on loan a few days before the deadline as long as they have not been reserved by anyone else.  Find the link next to the title of the book you wish to renew.

This video features two of our students, Monica Slongo and Yuri Alessandro Arguello.