Do you need to organize and cite bibliographic references?

Citavi workshop

Please note: the workshop is held in Italian and in English

Citavi is a Swiss Academic Software product designed to help students and academics write their works. Apart from saving, archiving and sharing references, it is a useful tool for knowledge organization.

Citavi can interact with Word and Latex thanks to a plug-in that can easily be downloaded and installed on your browser. The “Picker” button enables you to import bibliographic information from the web about any sort of resource you may find (books, articles, and even entire webpages).

In addition to this, Citavi helps you plan your tasks and activities (watch the video).

The Servizio Bibliotecario d'Ateneo has purchased a site licence until 31 July 2022

  • Clicking on you can activate your licence. Select your user category (Faculty,  staff member or Student) and type your university email address ( or
  • You will receive a confirmation email
  • Type your email address in the window and create a password

You can download Citavi at
Follow these recommendations to connect Citavi with our University’s Digital Library.
For further information please contact:

Mendeley workshop

Please note: the workshop is held in Italian and in English

We will introduce you to Mendeley.
A free version of the program is available that allows you to save, archive and share citations (references), which may be useful for creating the bibliographic references for a thesis, an article or a book you are writing. The program must be installed on your PC, but it also has a web version. You will be able to insert the references in a text while you are writing, choose between the different citation formats available and modify them automatically, if necessary.
You will have 2GB of memory for saving the PDF files of the texts that are included in your references.
You can highlight or comment on the archived texts and share your references with 2 other people (a fee is charged to share with more than 2 people).
Mendeley also functions as an ''academic social network'': as with other social applications, you can follow the research of members and retrieve relevant citations stored by others.