Ultimi arrivi ebooks 2020

The pursuit of sustainable agriculture in EU free trade agreements / Luchino Ferraris
Energy and protein metabolism and nutrition / edited by: G. Matteo Crovetto
Precision agriculture '19 / edited by: John V. Stafford
Professionals in food chains / edited by: Svenja Springer and Herwig Grimm
Sustainability models for a better world / Kanayathu C. Koshy
The value of fibre / edited by: G. González-Ortiz
Energy and protein metabolism and nutrition / edited by: Mario Luiz Chizzotti
Poultry and pig nutrition / edited by: Wouter H. Hendriks,
Sustainable governance and management of food systems / edited by: Eija Vinnari and Markus Vinnari
Chemical hazards in foods of animal origin / edited by: Frans J.M. Smulders
Genomic management of animal genetic diversity / edited by: J.K. Oldenbroek
Equine nutrition / edited by: William Martin-Rosset
Pests and vector-borne diseases in the livestock industry / edited by: Claire Garros, Jérémy Bouyer
Hunting hygiene / Sauli Laaksonen and Peter Paulsen
Intestinal health / edited by: Theo Niewold
Precision livestock farming applications / edited by: Ilan Halachmi
Industrial, medical and environmental applications of microorganisms / edited by: Antonio Méndez-Vilas
Applied equine nutrition and training / edited by: Arno Lindner
The impact of nutrition on the health and welfare of horses / edited by: A.D. Ellis,
Dynamics in animal nutrition / edited by: Jannes Doppenberg
Local cattle breeds in Europe / edited by: Sipke Joost Hiemstra
Breeding for robustness in cattle / edited by: Marija Klopcic
Nutrition of the exercising horse / edited by: M. Saastamoinen
Utilisation and conservation of farm animal genetic resources / edited by: Kor Oldenbroek
Production diseases in farm animals / edited by: Nanda Joshi