Terms and conditions for payment

The length of the loan is 30 days starting from the date on which the documents are received.

Any material borrowed must be returned, along with the post office acknowledgement of receipt or IFLA voucher to:

Università degli studi di Milano

Biblioteca del Polo di Mediazione Interculturale e Comunicazione

Piazza Montanelli, 14

20099 Sesto S. Giovanni (MI)

Loan charges


Loan charges are equivalent to 1 HALF IFLA voucher (4 €) per item.

With regard to document delivery service, the charge is equivalent to 1 HALF IFLA voucher  (4 €) up to 20 pages; 1 FULL IFLA voucher (8 €) for documents of more than 20 pages.


Loan charges are equivalent to 1 FULL IFLA voucher (8 €)  per item.


An additional charge (2 or more IFLA FULL voucher per item) will be applied to cover any extra postage costs. With regard to  books made up of more volumes, an additional charge equivalent to 1 HALF IFLA voucher per volume will be applied.

If not supplied with IFLA vouchers, you will be required to pay the charge to postal current account n. 17755208, registered in the name of “Università degli studi di Milano”. You will also need to indicate “ Prestito interbibliotecario- Biblioteca del Polo di Mediazione” as reason for  payment.

Please attach the payment receipt to the loaned item.